Becho Token


Becho is an advanced fork of ECHO and RFI
with Anti front running bot protection! + 20 minutes wait before selling for pre-sale addresses — just like in Rebase!
We are going to combine the great code of RFI and echo with our anti bot protection and the genius locking before selling that rebase did!


  • Softcap 60 ETH
  • Hardcap 90 ETH
  • 1 ETH or 2 ETH only per pre-sale wallet. There will be whitelist for 1 ETH and whitelist for 2 ETH.
  • 1600 Tokens

How it works?

Becho Token has a 7% transaction fee on every sell.
6% is automatically redistributed to all Becho holders.
So the more Becho you hold the more you receive.
The other 1% is immediately added to the Becho / ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap, with the Smart Contract.
For the first 20 minutes, pre-sale addresses can’t sell their tokens — resulting in a smooth and fair launch with long life.
In addition, for the first 5 minutes — after you buy, you have to wait 90 seconds before selling! disabling possibility for front run bot to operate.

When whitelist and pre-sale?

Whitelist will take place on December 13, 18:00 UTC time.
Pre-sale will take place shortly after, followed by incredible uniswap listing!


Tg: Becho Token



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